This is a list of people who I consider impacted my 2016 in one way or another.. With details on why.

Side note: These aren’t in any particular order.

Shaun (@stardomax) – You are an amazing person who makes me extremely happy. 🙂

Carlos (@nightgaladeld) – Although we aren’t friends you are extremely helpful and a good person. You’ve helped me a few times. 🙂

Amber () – A good friend, and a nice person. x)

Tim () – Supplier of many things, and a great person. 🙂

IcyTea () – Meme Stealer and the most Loved  Hated developer.

Vyrenn () – Some dragon weirdo. (And cool person)

Devin () – I’ve known you for a while now, we’ve had rough patches, but you are pretty chill.

Xavier () – Chill dude, who I consider a friend, idk if he considers me one though. x)

Dog () – Woof (memes will haunt you forever)

Kevin () – Some game dev who for some reason talks to me. (jk chill person who is decently fun to hang around)

Sam () – A really good friend of mine who I talk to when I have no one else to.

Jack () – Some cat whose gay and funny af

Alex () – A chill furry, never talked much with him but he seems pretty cool x)

Sen () – An awesome person to hang out with

NENOOT () – Weirdo 😡

Johnathon () – Chill person who owns a cool group.

Shen () – Awesome chick I know 🙂

Discord () – Great app. You should use it 🙂

Jaaziar () – An AMAZING graphic designer. His work is hot as fuck. And he is a really nice dude x)

Jammie () – Self conscious noob who is actually hot. And chill. And messes with me to much

Headless () – Used to talk to you more.. but you were pretty chill. And you have a nice voice x)

Kyle () – We’ve talked a few times on discord, you’re pretty chill.

Vivaldi () – Amazing browser that I use. 🙂

If you weren’t on this list don’t fret! I can’t quite remember everyone from the entire year. And I’m sure I forgot some people that I’ve met throughout the year.